Collection: Propylène Glycol USP/EP

Ingredient Depot Propylene Glycol 99.9 USP Grade

Discover the versatility and purity of our Propylene Glycol USP/EP collection at Ingredient Depot. This range includes high-purity glycol that meets both the United States and European Pharmacopoeias standards set by manufacturers. Ideal for a wide array of applications, our Propylene Glycol USP/EP is perfect for industries that commonly use propylene glycol in pharmaceuticals, food production, and cosmetics. Available in various sizes, from convenient 2.5L jugs and practical 4L jugs to 20 litres in a pail and 12 pails of 20 litres on a pallet, our collection caters to both small-scale and bulk industrial needs. Choose Ingredient Depot for consistent quality, backed by our commitment to excellent customer service and satisfaction.

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