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Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade 4 litres

Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade 4 litres

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What is Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade?

Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade is a plant-based, high-purity liquid, renowned for its versatility and non-toxic nature. It's colorless, odorless, and mildly sweet. This glycerin is essential in industries requiring pure, environmentally friendly products. It's used as a humectant, solvent, and sweetener, making it a key ingredient in various cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food products.

How is Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade manufactured or produced?

This vegetable glycerin is derived as a byproduct of sustainable agricultural processes, primarily involving the processing of plant oils, ensuring high purity and eco-friendly production.

What's the difference between the 99.5% and 99.7% Glycerin we offer?

Our Vegetable Glycerin 99.7%, manufactured in North America, is priced slightly higher, meeting stringent Food and USP Grade standards. For more details, please visit here.

Delivered 4 Litres in Plastic Jugs:

Ideal for moderate usage, these 4L jugs provide a practical amount of Vegetable Glycerin, perfect for consistent quality in medium-scale projects.


  • Moisturizer in cosmetics
  • Food sweetener
  • Pharmaceutical formulations
  • Skin care products
  • Soap making
  • Herbal tinctures


  • Cosmetics and Personal Care
  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Health and Wellness
  • Soap Manufacturing
  • Nutraceuticals

Grade and Country of Manufacture

Sustainably produced in Brazil, our Vegetable Glycerin 99.5% meets the manufacturer's certification for USP Grade. This glycerin is ideal when quality is required, while being budget-friendly.

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