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Ingredient Depot Chemicals, Ingredients, and Raw Materials
Ingredient Depot Chemicals, Ingredients, and Raw Materials

Getting to Know Us

Like many of us, launching a business starts with humble beginnings.

Our journey began with distributing chemicals, ingredients, and raw materials.

We valued three simple principles:

  • A simple website with informative product pictures and clear labels
  • Make customer service a priority and core value for the company
  • Fast order preparation and remittance to the shipping companies

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

In 2015 we started distributing natural health products to consumers and businesses.

This second company is Art Pharmaceutical Ltd.

Ingredient Depot

  • Our first sale was in 2010
  • We're located in Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada
  • Our headquarter is a chemical, ingredient, and raw materials distribution center
  • We deliver quality chemicals, ingredients, and raw materials to Canada and the United States

Over the past decade, our founding principles and experiences have shaped who we are.

Serving businesses of all sizes

We serve aspiring business owners, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses, large corporations, Fortune 500 companies and procurement specialists from the private and public sectors.

Repackaging Products

Videos of how we repackage products.

Regulated Industries

  • With over a decade's experience in two regulated industries, we understand what matters to you
  • The founding principles have evolved and now encompass every aspect of our operations
  • Our infrastructure and business processes prioritize accurate and rapid customer service

Resulting in our ability to quickly dispatch orders to shipping carriers day in and day out.

Serving businesses like consumers

You won't find our products on Amazon.

And we don't subcontract or hire companies to prepare or fulfill orders.

Providing businesses the same attention to detail as the consumers we serve.

Certificate of Analysis

All products on our website contain a picture with the certificate of analysis.

To view, please select the image, which will enlarge the COA for your consideration.

If you are a customer, the issuance of a certificate of analysis can take 24 to 72 business hours.

Quality Customer Service

Serving visitors and customers is our priority.

When placing an order, customers receive an email with our customer service direct phone number.

You can expect courteous and professional communications throughout the company.

And when we make a mistake, we fix it. Fast!

Our business specialist

In the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries, it's often the finer details and the right contacts that determine success. We're not just distributors. With 14 years of experience, we're your partners in success, offering extensive resources and know-how in regulated industries.

Shipping our orders

While we depend on shipping carriers, we still aim to deliver on time by promptly processing orders.

Our team is trained and certified to handle and ship dangerous goods (chemicals).

Throughout the website, we display conservative shipping times.

Inventory management

We list products on our website when they are ready to ship.

When a product is in limited supply, we add a notice on the description.

Some products may require our compliance team to enable your account setup.


When interacting with chemicals, ingredients, and raw materials, compliance is part of everyday life.