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Purchasing Chemicals vs. Supplements


Welcome to our quick guide; we will go over the differences between bulk chemicals and supplements.

Providing consumers and businesses an overview of the regulatory differences.

We'll use Ascorbic Acid (you might know it as Vitamin C) as our example.

Bulk Chemicals: A Closer Look

Ascorbic Acid can be purchased in bulk from various sources, including our website.

When purchased from us, you have multiple sizes of 1 kg jars, 4 kg small pails, 12 kg medium pails, and 25 kg boxes.

How we repackage products

Bulk Chemicals: Documents

Generally speaking, when requested for a purchase, a chemical distributor should make accessible:

  • Certificate of analysis, commonly called COA.
  • Multi-page document called an (SDS) safety data sheet or (MSDS) material safety data sheet.

Examples of documents for Ascorbic Acid are listed below.

Bulk Chemicals: Certificate of Analysis (COA)

There are two ways to access our COA's certificates of analysis.

  1. By selecting any product picture on our website, you can scroll and find the certificate of analysis.
  2. To obtain a PDF copy of the certificate of analysis for a purchase made with Ingredient Depot, send our compliance team a quick note.

Bulk Chemicals: Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

  • The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available upon request for your purchase.
  • This PDF document contains the details on the chemical's properties, hazards, safe handling procedures, storage requirements, emergency response measures, and disposal guidelines.

It's a document to help businesses keep everyone safe while working with the chemical.

Bulk Chemicals: Other documents

All our products have available a certificate of analysis and safety data sheet.

A few other products may have available other documents.

For our Ascorbic Acid, we have the manufacturer's nutritional information and four additional documents.

Bulk Chemicals: Product Labels

Bulk chemical product labels will contain the various identifiers of the raw material. Also include required referenced information from the COA and SDS documents for technical and safety information, ensuring proper handling, storage, and use. Bulk chemicals are not labelled or packaged for personal consumption.

Bulk Chemicals: Conclusion

  • They are sold to businesses of all sizes and entrepreneurs who are formulating or manufacturing final-use products containing ascorbic acid.
  • Bulk chemicals provide technical and safety information for proper handling, usage, and compliance with industry standards.

Supplements: An Overview

Stores with supplements
Stores with supplements

Always in the context of Ascorbic Acid.

  • You will find Ascorbic Acid in consumer products like dietary supplements or over-the-counter medications.
Individual doses
Individual doses

Supplements: Packaging

  • These products are labelled, formulated, dosed, and packaged for personal consumption.
  • Always read the labels to see what other products are included in the formula.
Reading labels
Reading labels

Supplements: Label information

  • Dosage instructions provided on consumer product labels help ensure the right amount of Ascorbic Acid is consumed.

Supplements: Conclusion

  • Consumer products containing Ascorbic Acid are pre-formulated and packaged products with dosage instructions.
  • These products have been authorized for resale to consumers.