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Stearic Acid (Vegetable) Food Grade 1 kg

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What is Stearic Acid?

Stearic Acid is an organic, fatty acid found in vegetable fats and oils. It works harmoniously with other fatty acids to support the skin and offers versatility in texture.

What are the general applications for Stearic Acid?

Stearic Acid is used to produce candles, cosmetics, shaving soaps, lubricants, and pharmaceuticals. When added to soap, this ingredient will make a harder bar and has a more stable lather.

Stearic acid usage.

Mainly used to produce candles, tire manufacturing, rubber additives. Stearic Acid is used along with castor oil for preparing softeners in textile sizing.

Where is the origin of Ingredient Depot's Stearic Acid?

Ingredient Depot's Stearic Acid origin is from the United States.


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