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・List A to Z Nickel Sulphate Hexahydrate

Nickel Sulphate (Sulfate) Hexahydrate 25 kgs

Nickel Sulphate (Sulfate) Hexahydrate 25 kgs

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What is Nickel Sulphate (Hexahydrate)?

Nickel Sulphate is a highly soluble blue or emerald-green crystalline salt.

What does hexahydrate mean?

The hexahydrate designation indicates a chemical compound with six molecules of water.

What industrial applications is Nickel Sulphate used for?

It is used in the production of nickel salts, the manufacturing of batteries and the electroplating of nickel.

Where is Ingredient Depot’s Nickel Sulphate manufactured?

Our Nickel Sulphate is manufactured in North America.


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