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Ethylene Glycol Technical Grade 4 litres

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  • What is Ethylene Glycol 100% Tech Grade?

    Ethylene glycol is an odourless, colourless, hygroscopic and synthetic liquid. Please note that Ethylene Glycol 100% Tech Grade is often confused with propylene Glycol. Yes, both have antifreeze applications, but they are not the same. Please verify your specifications before ordering.

    Ethylene glycol's various applications across multiple industries are well-established, such as antifreeze and de-icing solutions for airplanes and boats. We will list below the forbidden list of Ethylene Glycol 100% Tech Grade applications.

    General rule of thumb when a product is available as a technical grade.

    There are some basic guidelines when we look at a technical grade. Any application is forbidden if in touch with the skin, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or personal care products. Also banned is anything ingested, inhaled, or a surface that could contact the skin, such as sidewalks and kitchen or washroom sinks. Prohibited surfaces are woods, plastics and clothes that touch the skin. In this case the permitted applications for Ethylene Glycol Technical grade are self-contained mechanical or sprayed on surfaces isolated from topical or ingestion exposure for human contact /animal contact, and ingestion exists.

    Where is our Ethylene Glycol 100% Tech Grade manufactured?

    Ingredient Depot's Ethylene Glycol 100% Technical Grade is manufactured in North America.

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