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Caffeine Anhydrous 1 kg

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What is caffeine anhydrous powder?

Anhydrous caffeine is a synthetic crystalline powder used in everything from energy drinks to weight loss supplements.

Is this product ok for personal consumption?

This product is not for consumers or personal consumption.

This product is available for companies developing products that need caffeine as an ingredient. Also available to companies manufacturing approved products.

What grade and where is this product manufactured?

This product is manufactured in China and meets the manufacturer's USP-grade specifications.

How can I look at specifications before making a purchase?

Please look at the pictures for a certificate of analysis.

Is this product a guaranteed addition or edit to my existing approved formula?

No, it is not. Changing products, manufacturers, or even lot numbers might lead to updating your license. Make sure to get approval from your formulator and compliance team.

Caffeine for industry-related businesses.

This product is available to confirmed industry-related companies (beverage, chemical manufacturing, cosmetic, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, supplementation, analysis/research or industrial applications). These requirements are in place to protect the public. Because handling the material requires specialized equipment, prevents abuse, or is required to adhere to local or federal laws specific to the country of the shipping address.