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Boric Acid Technical Grade & Granular Free-Flowing 25 kgs

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What is Boric Acid?

Boric Acid is a chemical compound widely used in various industrial applications. It is a white, crystalline powder with a slightly acidic taste. This particular grade of Boric Acid is categorized as a technical grade, indicating its suitability for industrial and non-food-related purposes.

How is Boric Acid manufactured/produced?

Boric Acid Technical Grade is typically produced by the reaction of borax (sodium borate) with a strong acid, such as hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid. This reaction results in the formation of boric acid, which is then further purified to remove impurities and achieve the desired level of quality. The manufacturing process of Boric Acid Technical Grade adheres to strict quality control standards.

What can you use Boric Acid for?

Boric Acid Technical Grade has diverse applications in several industrial processes. It is commonly used as a flame retardant, preservative, and ingredient in various products. It is utilized in producing fibreglass, ceramics, and glass, where it acts as a flux and helps improve the melting properties of materials. Additionally, it serves as a buffer in pH control, an antiseptic, and a pesticide in agricultural applications.

What is the grade and country of manufacture?

Boric Acid Technical Grade is classified as a technical grade chemical manufactured in the USA. Its production adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring consistent quality and reliability for industrial applications.