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  • Customized Shipping Solutions

    Parcel Pickup at the Post Office or UPS center: 

    When these options are available in your area, we may suggest them.

    Customized Packaging: 

    Depending on your specific situation, we might recommend adding a customized and personalized note on the box for special handling instructions.

  • Provincial Sales Tax Exemption

    If you are an eligible business, making a purchase on behalf of a Government entity, or have a valid Certificate of Indian Status card (order shipped to a First Nation Reserve). Don't hesitate to contact our customer service; we'll work with you to set up your account as a tax-exempt one.

    • All purchases will automatically not be charged taxes when set up as a tax-exempt account.
  • Special Care for Glass Bottles in the Cold

    Products displayed in amber or clear glass bottles require special attention in cold weather.

    If they're exposed to temperatures below 0°C (32°F) for extended periods, there's a risk they could break.

    Help us protect your order:

    ・Mention any cold weather concerns in the 'Special Instructions' box upon checkout.

    ・Or, directly inform our customer service.

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