Collection: SMCC (North America)

Introducing the PROSOLV SMCC collection: PROSOLV 50, 90, and HD 90, each designed for specific pharmaceutical needs. PROSOLV 50 offers optimized particle size (D10: 15-30 μm, D50: 45-80 μm, D90: 100-180 μm) and bulk density (0.25-0.37 g/ml) for high-dose applications, available in 20 kg bags. PROSOLV 90, with similar particle size and density, balances flow and compaction for tablet formulations, also in 20 kg bags. HD 90 enhances the series with a particle size (D10: 20-70 μm, D50: 90-160 μm, D90: 160-320 μm), increased bulk density (0.38-0.50 g/ml), and rapid disintegration, in 25 kg bags. Each variant ensures efficiency, quality, and includes the original PROSOLV marking.

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