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Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH or Caustic Soda) Micropearls - 22.68 kgs Pail(s) on a Pallet

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What is Sodium Hydroxide?

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) is odorless and corrosive, comes in form of Micropearls, solid white beads with consistent granulation and bead uniformity.

Why are micropearls important?

The micropearls are particularly desirable in dry blends, where their small size is consistent with other ingredients. They are non-dusting, easy flowing, and due to small surface area, resistant to moisture. 

This product meets or exceeds FCC Food Grade, permits many applications in the food industry and used when manufacturing soaps.

Can it be used industrially?

Yes, a pH adjuster as an alkaline product in various applications including water treatment, chemical neutralization, refining petroleum products, and etching agents and as a cleaning agent or degreaser.

Shipping chemicals

We are trained and certified to handle, package and ship dangerous goods. We can only deliver this product to businesses and commercial or industrial customers.

This product does not ship to the USA.