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Sodium Bicarbonate No. 1 Food Grade Arm & Hammer 22.68 kgs

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  • What is Arm & Hammer Sodium Bicarbonate?

    Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda, is a white or off-white crystalline powder that functions as a buffer, an acid neutralizer, a source of carbon dioxide, and a mild abrasive. Arm & Hammer’s Sodium Bicarbonate does not contain any artificial flavourings, colouring ingredients, chemical preservatives, other artificial or synthetic ingredients, or any genetically modified organisms.

    Sodium Bicarbonate and Personal Care Products

    Because of the vital role of the bicarbonate ion in maintaining the normal function of the human body, and preserving the balance of biological and ecological systems, sodium bicarbonate is the natural choice for highly effective personal care products. Sodium bicarbonate’s abilities to absorb odors and neutralize short-chain fatty acids and sulphur compounds make it an excellent deodorizer for Breath Care, Body Powders, and Foot Care products. Sodium bicarbonate’s mild, but effective abrasion characteristics are why it is used for skin smoothing products like Microdermabrasion Media, Exfoliating Creams and Cleansers, as well as for Prophy Polishing and Toothpaste. Effervescence is a classic method with which to achieve tablet and granule disintegration, foaming, and product sizzle. Sodium bicarbonate provides reliable carbon dioxide release, adding excitement and function to Bath Salts and Tablets and Self-Foaming products. In addition, sodium bicarbonate helps impart a soft feeling to the skin, and is able to neutralize acidic irritants, making it a useful ingredient in topical skin soothing products.

    What are the specifications of Arm & Hammer Sodium Bicarbonate No. 1?

    Sodium Bicarbonate No. 1 is USP grade, food grade, 100% natural containing no GMOs, and Kosher and Halal certified.

    What industries is Arm & Hammer Sodium Bicarbonate No. 1 used in?

    Sodium Bicarbonate USP grade is a highly versatile ingredient, having applications across numerous industries. It is also used in the cooking industry, commonly found in breads, cakes, and other pastries. Sodium Bicarbonate is also an essential ingredient in pharmaceuticals, health and beauty aids, water treatment and industrial applications from textile manufacturing to dyeing and print operation.

    Where is Arm & Hammer Sodium Bicarbonate manufactured?

    It is manufactured in the United States.

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