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Red Amber Pearl Effect Powder 100g

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What is Pearl Effect Color Powder?

Pearl Effect Color Powder assists in extraordinary colour effects for your products that users won’t find anywhere else.

How is Pearl Effect Color Powder manufactured?

Based on a natural silicate or silica combined with titanium dioxide and/or iron oxide, these pigments fulfill international safety standards for food products with safe and innovative product design and brand differentiation.

How many colours are available?

Ingredient Depot’s selection of 17 variants including silver, gold, and interference effects to red and bronze hues – the colours have excellent stability and can be perfectly combined with other colourings.

What applications is the Pearl Effect Color Powder product line used?

The application possibilities are virtually endless: sophisticated chocolates, fun fruit gums, tasty ice creams, cool drinks, iridescent capsules, and many more.

What certifications does Pearl Effect Color Powder maintain?

Manufactured in North America and certified Kosher, Halal and Vegan.