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Alcohol Isopropyl 99% Technical Grade 200 litres

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What is Alcohol Isopropyl?

Alcohol Isopropyl is a colourless, flammable chemical compound with a strong odor.

Technical grade AI, is an excellent solvent, cleaning fluid and dissolving agent for oils. Also used to clean and in the electronics industry.

What are the prohibited uses of tech grade AI?

Industrial applications that are not in contact with the skin or animals. This product is a Any application is forbidden if in touch with the skin, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics or personal care products. Also banned is anything ingested, inhaled, or a surface that could contact the skin, such as sidewalks and kitchen or washroom sinks. Prohibited surfaces are woods, plastics and clothes that touch the skin.

Can this product be used to manufacture hand sanitizers or lotions?

This product is not permitted for hand sanitizers or lotions.

Where is our Alcohol Isopropyl 99% manufactured?

Ingredient Depot’s Alcohol Isopropyl 99% is manufactured in North America.

Shipping chemicals

We are trained and certified to handle, package and ship dangerous goods. We can only deliver this product to businesses and commercial or industrial customers.

This product does not ship to the USA.