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Acetone Technical Grade 200 litres

Acetone Technical Grade 200 litres

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What is Acetone?

Acetone is a volatile, organic solvent commercially produced since the 1800s. It was discovered in 1606 by alchemist Jean-Baptiste van Helmont.

How is Acetone produced?

Acetone is produced through the cumene process, which oxidizes cumene (isopropylbenzene) to produce phenol and acetone as by-products. Chemical companies use this method because it's efficient and cost-effective.

Global production and sales figures

As of 2022, the global acetone market was worth almost 6 billion dollars and produced over 7 million tons. The United States, China, and Europe were the largest producers and consumers of acetone.

Uses of acetone

  • Cosmetics, personal care products, and pharmaceuticals
  • As an agricultural solvent in pesticide formulations
  • Intermediate in various industrial processes
  • Solvent for cleaning or degreasing
  • Laboratory and research chemical
  • Adhesives and sealant chemicals
  • Paints, lacquers, and coatings
  • Viscosity adjustor
  • Ion exchange agent

What is the grade and country of manufacture for our Acetone?

Our Acetone is of Technical Grade and meets strict technical standards certified by our North American manufacturer.


We offer non-returnable 200-litre drums of acetone. This size is ideal for industrial customers, providing cost savings and ensuring a continuous solvent supply.

Shipping Dangerous Goods

Our team is certified to handle safely and ship acetone in drums as "Dangerous Goods" throughout Canada.


When handling a 200-litre drum of acetone, ensure adequate ventilation in the area. Use protective gloves, eye and face protection, and suitable clothing. Keep away from open flames, sparks, and heat sources. Employ a grounding wire and non-sparking tools during transfer to minimize the risk of static discharge.


Acetone Technical Grade is sold as a solvent. It's not labelled, represented or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Health Canada. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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