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Potassium Hydroxide (Caustic Potash or KOH) Flakes - 22.68 kgs Pail(s) on a Pallet

Les rabais au panier
Pour 2 seaux, rabais de 20% (100 lb)
Pour 3 seaux, rabais de 21% (150 lb)
Pour 4 seaux, rabais de 22% (200 lb)
Pour 5 seaux, rabais de 23% (250 lb)
Pour 6 seaux, rabais de 24% (300 lb)
Pour 7 seaux, rabais de 25% (350 lb)
Pour 8 seaux, rabais de 26% (400 lb)
Pour 9 seaux, rabais de 27% (450 lb)
Pour 10 seaux, rabais de 28% (500 lb)
Pour 11 seaux, rabais de 29% (550 lb)
Pour 12 seaux, rabais de 30% (600 lb)


What is Potassium Hydroxide?

Potassium hydroxide is an inorganic compound, commonly called by its chemical formula designation KOH or caustic potash. Along with sodium hydroxide, this colourless solid is a prototypical strong base. It has many industrial and niche applications, most of which exploit its corrosive nature and its reactivity toward acids.

Can Potassium Hydroxide be used for soaps?

The saponification of fats with KOH is used to prepare "potassium soaps,” which are softer than the more common sodium hydroxide-derived soaps. Because of their softness and greater solubility, potassium soaps require less water to liquefy, and can contain more cleaning agent than liquefied sodium soaps.

In what country is this KOH manufactured?

Our Potassium Hydroxide is manufactured in South Korea or the USA.

Shipping chemicals

We are trained and certified to handle, package and ship dangerous goods. We can only deliver this product to businesses and commercial or industrial customers.

This product does not ship to the USA.


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