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Blue No. 1 FD&C Dye (Brilliant Blue FCF) 1 lb (454g)

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What are colour Dyes?

Dyes are coloured powders for the production of countless consumables in multiple industries.

What are the FD&C Dyes applications?

Colour Dyes applications include food, beverage, pet food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

FD&C Dyes general use statement:

Industry specialists consider FD&C Dyes as *commonly used for adding colour to liquids.
*creams, gels, and different forms of solids use FD&C Dyes, thus contradicting the above statement.

How many colours are available?

Our selection includes three colours; Brilliant Blue FCF, Allura Red and Tartrazine.

What certifications do they maintain?

They're manufactured in North America and meet certifications for the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic industries.


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