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Benzaldehyde Food Grade 4 litres

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What is benzaldehyde?

Benzaldehyde is an aromatic compound with a distinct almond-like aroma that makes it truly one of a kind. Its uses span across multiple industries, as it can be extracted from natural sources and synthesized using liquid-phase chlorination - giving companies the opportunity to utilize its versatile features in their products.

Some applications and industries using benzaldehyde are:

various chemical additives, plastics, and pharmaceuticals

cosmetic products and personal care products

almond flavouring in food and beverages

dyes, soaps, and perfumes

cakes and baked goods

organic compounds

scented products

Is this product ok for personal consumption?

This product is available for companies developing products that need benzaldehyde as an ingredient. Also available to companies manufacturing approved products.

What grade and where is this product manufactured?

This product is manufactured in North America and meets the manufacturer's FCC specifications.


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