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Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Food and USP Grade 25 kgs

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Ascorbic Acid vs. “Vitamin C”?

Ascorbic Acid, commonly called “Vitamin C” is used in countless of pharmaceuticals and supplements. It should be noted this product is not labelled or sold to prevent, treat or maintain your health.

What is the main industry Ascorbic Acid is used in?

Ascorbic Acid is used extensively in the food industry, often times as an additive or as an antioxidant. It can improve the colour and palatability of many kinds of food products. It is also commonly used in the manufacturing of beverages, especially those made from fruit juices.

How is Ascorbic Acid a versatile ingredient for consumables?

Ascorbic Acid is used in the meat industry for its antioxidant properties. In dough systems, adding Ascorbic Acid to the flour improves both bread texture and loaf volume. The wide range of industries makes Ascorbic Acid one of the pillars when it comes to manufacturing consumables.

What are the specifications of Ingredient Depot’s Ascorbic Acid?

We distribute an Ascorbic Acid that is manufactured under GMP guidelines and is certified USP/BP/EP/JP/JFSA/E300 and FCC Food Grade.

Where is this Ascorbic Acid USP manufactured?

Ingredient Depot’s Ascorbic Acid USP is manufactured in China, and certification has been approved according to North American standards.


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